For individual brand guidelines for AIDS Walk Los Angeles, please see below:

The logos above are our primary logomarks. These should be the default mark we use in most instances across our various outputs and formats.

When placing our logo on a full color background or when our logo appears on full color background of any color, use one of the white bordered logos above.

In instances in which we are limited to black and white formats, use the one of the black logos above.

Profile pictures for social:

Exclusion Zones

The AIDS Walk Los Angeles logo should never be smaller than 1 inch wide and should not be altered in any way from its original form.

Do not separate components of the logo or rearrange it in any way. The logomark and logotype should always remain in the same proportion and spacing to each other as indicated and may never be separated or used separately.

Do’s and Dont’s

Color Palette

The AIDS Walk Los Angeles color palette includes four primary colors and their various tints/shades. Color matching standard Pantone® references are included to ensure accuracy when reproducing the palette. Also included are the references for CMYK, RGB, and HEX values for consistency across different media. Where possible, the logos should be reproduced in the CMYK color process. Equivalent colors can be composed using the RGB and HEX references included when the logo is to be used digitally.

Circles containing the various colors used throughout the APLA brand


Header use
The header font is used to enhance the relationship between the chosen campaign and AWLA. Titillium will also be used for secondary uses of the logo. The header font should not be used for any large count copy.

Tracking + Leading
The tracking should be set to ‘0’, with a leading of 12/15 or 0.80x the font size.

Body Copy Use
The copy font should be used in eveything aside from the header. Gotham is easily legible at smaller sizes, making it great for passages, CTA and other information. Sentence case and Title case should be used accordingly when using Gotham.

Tracking + Leading
The tracking should be set to ‘0’, with a leading of 10/14 or 1.4x the font size.

Web Substitution
If Gotham is not availible either Proxima Nova,
Monsterrat can be used as alternatives.


Backgrounds of designs should include the shoe pattern when applicable. The pattern represents the AIDS Walk, as well as inclusivity and diversity.

The patterns should be lowered to an opactiy that does not obstruct text or graphical elements above.

White pattern should be used on all dark backgrounds. Black pattern should be used on all light backgrounds and photographic backgrounds.